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What Is Lean And Its Feature?

When the product is launched in the market and fails to perform well, there can be many reasons. Identifying the exact one and working on it is very essential. When we talk about the question what is lean, we need to know that Using lean in this can be a great idea. It is a management practice used for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the product by eliminating waste.

What is lean?

The term lean was first described by the Toyota production team. There is no single word or sentence that exists for the lean methodology. This word is altogether a combination of key tools principles as well as concepts. It deals with the wide range of tools that intend to remove the wastes that lead to increasing the process velocity.

The seven wastes associated with leaning!

There can be many reasons why the product performs badly in the market. According to the lean, there are around seven reasons behind the unprofitable activity that occurs in any organization. These are basically:

  1. Defects in the product
  2. Overproduction of the product
  3. Transportation
  4. Waiting
  5. Inventory
  6. Unnecessary motion
  7. processing

Five principles are used by lean in the transformation of the process

Using the basic principles of lean, it becomes easier for any company to understand the quality lack issue and improve it for the better. It is similar to the engaging program along with continuous improvement merged into a single one. The five principles are inclusive of:

  • Value of the product
  • Stream of the value
  • Create Flow
  • Pull
  • Seek Perfection

If you wish to implement lean at your company, there are some steps you need to go through. These steps start from picking up the product against which the complaint is registered and then getting feedback from the customers to learn where the problem starts. You can also go through the entire process involved in the creation of the product. Once all this is done, you need to teach the workers about the lean tools and improve the process. Using different ideas to find which one works will help you produce high-quality products and then move to another problem.